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Bestech believes in “Building More Than Trust”

March 26, 2021

In over 29 years of its existence, Bestech Group has become one of the most trusted real estate developers in Gurgaon. Bestech has rightfully earned this status by delivering new-age projects of a top-notch quality that is unparalleled. While our vast experience has elevated us to a position of trust and reliability, Bestech Group’s motto is “building more than trust”.

With a strong foothold on our core competency of in-house construction, Bestech simultaneously builds on features that it consider the pillars of the company. With over 10,000 happy customers, the company has successfully delivered 25 million sq. ft. of projects and another 30 million sq. ft are in pipeline for future projects spanning across residential, commercial, hospitality and retail.

Along with trust, Bestech Group also shares an equal focus on quality, innovation, new-age designs, skilled teams, timely delivery, and client relationships. This is true for every project that we have developed or are developing. Our adherence to these pillars has established us as the top real estate company in Gurgaon.


Bestech Group lays an important emphasis on quality, as can be seen in all the projects we have delivered. Decades of experience and a keen eye for detail have come together to ensure that each property is of unmatched quality. Our team makes use of the top-notch construction equipment and materials combined with skilled resources for the successful execution of projects.

Timely Delivery

Bestech respects the trust put in them by its clients and believe that time is of the essence. This is why Bestech Group can boast of on-time delivery of its projects. Quality execution within the stipulated time is our key to build customer satisfaction. The company provides its clients with a clear timeline for deliverables and adhere to it efficiently to be the most trusted property developers in Gurgaon.

Client Relationships

As showcased through various tie-ups, like the one with Radisson Hotels Group, the company works by building lasting relationships with its clients. Along with that, Bestech Group takes immense pride in strong relationships with its vendors who have put in their trust in its best-in-class commercial projects for their successful growth. The company’s dedicated and state-of-the-art execution of projects are the reasons that clients continue to put their faith in them. A dedicated manager for every project takes care of client needs and provides regular updates on the project. The company takes client feedback very seriously and incorporates it every step of the way to give the clients the project they desire. The company ensures 100% satisfaction for our clients to build partnerships with them.

New-age designs

Real estate has taken many new turns in the past couple of decades, with ever-changing requirements like picturesque facades, minimal structures, and green buildings to name a few. Bestech Group has always stayed at the top of its game with excellent new-age designs catering to all these requirements. Our award-winning designs have been at the receiving end of praises and admiration from all over the country.


Innovation and improvement lie at the heart of Bestech’s growth as a luxury real estate company in Gurgaon. The company strives to achieve excellence by continually improving its processes, through experience and learning. Our process includes carefully studying client’s requirements and offering bespoke solutions and new-age designs.

Skilled Team

Bestech’s team works with the utmost dedication to deliver exceptional results and makes sure to provide enough workforce to execute all its projects efficiently. The company has taken on board internationally renowned architects, designers, and consultants to guide the team in the right direction. Bestech Group also emphasizes on upskilling of the workforce through training and development.

The coming together of these pillars of growth has shaped Bestech Group’s position as the best builders in Gurgaon. Bestech Group continues to build itself through a continuous dedicated effort of staying true to its core values and principles.

As Bestech Group forays into new markets and cities, the company intends to live up to their promise of “building more than trust” and strive for mutual growth to build the homes and projects of tomorrow.